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Guillaume Chalaron is a Parisian mastering engineer who has spent some seven years in search of his holy grail: an algorithm that straddles the difference between good digital and the best LPs. His goal is to give digital some of the sound of good analogue. He’s developed a process called RM “Rootmastersound”.

He came by with a bunch of files and we did some listening.

The differences here were subtle, but they were also unequivocal. I’m not sure what words to use to describe phase, but M. Chalaron’s algorithm does something with it. The sense of space is, shall we say, “enhanced”. The edges of certain sound-fields were spread out and there was less clustering of images around my speakers. On certain recordings, there was also a clear bump in the very deep bass, one of the signs that made it obvious that something was different.

RM gets close to the sound of vinyl.


Dan Schwartz


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