01.MASTERINGS02. HSM VINYL 45rpmℝM⁴⁸ Nov2021ℝM⁴⁸ Mar202103. DSD512RM Extr Jun2018

04. HSM VINYL 33rpmRM Ulti Nov201705. DSD25606. CLASSIC VINYL 33rpmRM Full Mar2016

07. 32bit/352kHz (DxD)08. DSD128RM Edge Jun20159. DIGITAL RECORDING 24bit/96kHz

10. DSD64 (SACD)11. 24bit/96kHz12. CD 16bit/44kHz


Ϻ⁴⁸ Nov2021
Extr Jun2018
Ulti Nov2017
Full Mar2016
Edge Jun2015
CD THE BEATLES Something DM07.wav
Fichier audio Wave [30.2 MB]
7 ℝϺ⁴⁸ THE BEATLES Something.wav
Fichier audio Wave [49.3 MB]


Q4 2021

Optimized Results
D/A, A/D Conversions Intregrated To The Original Algorithm


Q1 2021

Extended ultrasonic response — bi32 bit Processing
For Mastered and Unmastered (mix) tracks
Final 48bit Matrix Result

Increased Presence — Improved Center Dynamic Range

Alternative to 45rpm mastered records



DSD2048 matrix involved

Upgraded center and dynamic range

Extended soundstage — 3D vision

Approximates 33rpm half speed mastered records

4 RM™Ult THE BEATLES Something h.wav
Fichier audio Wave [60.3 MB]



DSD1024 matrix involved

3D layered soundstage — surpassing high resolution music files

Approximates 33rpm mastered records

3 RM™Full THE BEATLES Something.wav
Fichier audio Wave [61.2 MB]



Upgraded DSD512 treatment

3 channels perception of the sound radiation (left, center and right)

Higher dynamics able to achieve complex audio messages

2 RM™Edge THE BEATLES Something.wav
Fichier audio Wave [61.3 MB]



New protocole running partially in 32bit depth

Approximates the stereo imaging and microdetails of 33s

Vivid soundstage close to classic vinyl records

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