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Upsetting Difference?


Great mastered vinyl records and digital files

have been analyzed on advanced playback systems


The mastering chain able to return digital track to a significant copy of the

original analog recording took a decade of research by computing

Transpose the process to current digital recordings

and new sonic abilities do appear again



Thanks to 50 referent records including

45rpm, half-speed mastered vinyls, direct transfer from analog tape

we developed a merging technique and a complex algorithm

to enhance the musically of any digital track






I: Audio⩾16bit/44kHz



Back To Roots


By returning digital track to a significant copy of the

original analog recording of the musical event, audiophiles

will now hear the best from their...old CDs

Digital Algorithm by 108 constant operations



Towards Master Quality


Extended range beyond proper limitations of vinyls and digital contents

becomes a new goal for a more satisfying experience


Simply hear hidden aspects of music with more emotion

No more details under noise, distortion, bass compromises, compression, blur...

Additional Digital Algorithm by 21 operations



Ultimate Focus


A quality heard on analog master tape recordings

can be generated by the final mastering chain

Q4 2019 

Additional Digital Algorithm by 64 operations


O: RM (PCM and DSD)






Our hybrid sound architecture combines

 - removed digital and analog compromises
 - added potentials of both formats 




Main factors improving the musical rendering



Extended Dynamics

Much more 'lifelike', p to f  becomes pp to ff

Like 45s RPM records, RM can enhance the dynamic range,

drastically reversing the effects of compression



Flexible Soundstage

A full sound is able to radiate beyond the area of the speakers

without removing the impact and focus of the center

RM can fill/empty the room and get you at an orchestral performance



Advanced Stereo Imaging

Left, center and right locations are wider and lighter

to generate more distinctive informations in the whole room

enabling a continuous and realistic spatial distribution



Sound Layers with 3D Transparency

Three dimensional enveloping sound, outstanding depth and clarity

are the most complex achievement

Digital can translate new acoustic spaces, the 'analog spirit'



Maximum Transient Fluidity

RM can improve transients and signal liquidity

with a complex digital conversions up to DSD2048

and a technique to reduce the digital sounding aspects



Intelligent Balance

Human perception of frequencies/level changes is not linear

Spectrum balance and sound dynamic were elaborated

after psycho acoustic test and comparisons to live orchestra





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